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The Bam Fam Chapter 1

News Anchor: “Gooood morning Sunset Valley Residents! Speaking of Sunset Valley residents, the house behind the Bookstore that has been up for sale for over 2 years was finally bought yesterday afternoon by a young couple, Jenna and Raymond Bammer. When our Journalists were sent to speak with them, they reported that the Bammer’s are newly weds that have moved from Greenport to escape their families and find peace in a smaller town. When asked to comment, Jenna stated that, “Sunset Valley seems to be a great place to find peace and quiet and to raise a family. This house is lovely and it has a great view, I’m shocked that it wasn’t sold quicker.” “This is news anchor Bill Thighly signing off and welcoming the Bammers to the neighborhood.”

Soon after unpacking, Jenna and Ray began to explore the neighborhood and everything to do. While Raymond is busy playing chess this could be a good time to tell you a little more about them. Raymond’s 5 traits are good sense of humor, handy, athletic, hot-headed and great kisser, his favorite color is black. Jenna’s 5 traits are heavy sleeper, family-oriented, clumsy, great kisser and excitable, her favorite color is purple. Jenna has brownish hair and Ray has perfect blond hair, they both have blue eyes.

While Ray was increasing his chess skills in the park across the street, Jenna went to meet her next door neighbor Hank. He seemed nice.

Later that night Jenna and Ray enjoyed roasting marshmallows in Hank and his wife’s fire pit. The Bammers were accepted into their new neighborhood quickly.

When the couple got back home they went straight to bed because they had a tiring day. They quickly cuddled before falling asleep in each others arms.

The next morning they quickly show affection for one another (Ray is either displaying affection or maybe its complete wonder that Jenna has stayed with him for this long, idk you can decide) before Jenna heads off to her new job in the Culinary career!

Raymond, bored because Jenna is still working, invites Hank over for a quick chat. They soon become friends! Because of Ray’s talk with Hank he decides he too wants to get a job in the law enforcement career so that they can see each other during the day.

As you can see there is almost nothing in their house! I feel so bad for them, so no matter what career track Ray picked he still was going to be forced to get a job. πŸ™‚

A couple of nights later Ray and Jenna show more love for each other by woo-hooing!!

I love the hearts that come out of the bed, sooo cute ❀

Cutest couple 2010!Β  πŸ™‚

And the consequence of woo-hoo… πŸ˜‰

Yay Jenna’s preggers! I wonder what Raymond will think..

Awe he’s happy! Jenna wants to have a boy but Raymond decides that he wants a baby girl.

Look at his arm muscles!Β  πŸ˜‰

Awe, its daddy-to-be in his police uniform!

Raymond: “I feel the baby kicking!”

Hank and his wife are also thrilled about the new baby that’s going to be in the neighborhood. Hopefully they will also have a baby so the two will grow up together!

Shockingly Hanks wife tries to flirt with Raymond with both of their spouses in the room, and not surprisingly it fails. He’s so loyal πŸ™‚

Hank’s wife: “So… do you wanna hook up later?”

Ray: “Are you kidding me? My wife is right there and were expecting, whats the matter with you!”

Hank’s wife: “Oh well… maybe after she has the baby then? Is that what you mean? Because damn are you good-lookin.” While this is being said Ray backs up and scrunches his face up in disgust, “Just leave me alone.”

Right after the flirting is over with Jenna begins to give birth in her neighbors home!

I love her face, don’t you?

Everyone, including ‘Mrs. Flirt’, starts flipping out about the baby coming while Jenna doesn’t even look amused. She’s one cool cat πŸ™‚

The minute Raymond regains his cool he whisks Jenna out of the house and drives her straight to the hospital, where she happily gives birth to a adorable little…


That ends chapter one! Tell me what you think of it! Oh and if anybody knows Hank’s wifes name can you please tell me, its driving me insane. I can’t wait to put the next chapter up where I’ll give you the details on the baby boy and if another pregnancy just might be involved… SIM UP YOUR DAY!

The Bammers First Appearance!

Hello everyone! My name’s Kate and I’m in love with the Sims 3. I’ll be writing a story about a family that I’ve been playing for a while called The Bammer Family, aka The Bam Fam. You can also check me out on where my name is also Kaitlynsimcrazy or . I look forward to finally starting this story and sharing my favorite Sims with you! πŸ™‚